IPO & Capital Raising


Buchanan prides itself on providing high-level counsel to clients through all forms of IPO and capital raising processes. Our expertise covers a wide range of markets and exchanges across the UK, the Middle East, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Buchanan works alongside other leading financial and legal advisers to produce a tailored communications strategy, including messaging and materials as well as web-based investor communications.

Following a successful IPO or capital raise, we devise an appropriate ongoing communications and investor relations strategy to support liquidity, share price and market perceptions.


Example IPO & Capital Raisings


23 Mar 2016

£120mGCP Student Living   Placing & Open Offer

29 May 2015


12 May 2015


28 Jan 2015


25 Jul 2015


01 Jul 2014

£360mRights Issue

09 May 2014


07 Mar 2014