Diversified Gas & Oil launches first Sustainability Report

In response to the significant increase in Environmental, Social, Governance (“ESG”) investing, whereby investors factor ESG-related assessments into their decision-making processes, DGO engaged Buchanan’s specialist ESG Team to help it develop and shape its communications. This included defining its most material ESG issues, how it manages down ESG risk and constructing an ESG opportunity narrative that is integrated into DGO’s investment case.

During this 7 month process, Buchanan provided consultancy and advice, and worked closely with DGO’s team of internal experts and managers to help shape their approach to their sustainability activities. Buchanan also helped DGO align itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and report to the Core framework of the Global Reporting Initiative.

As one of the largest producers by volume listed in UK, and ahead of its proposed move onto the Premium Segment of the LSE’s Main Market, the sustainability report provides a detailed insight into its business to assure investors that it is a sustainable and long-term investment.

Download the full report.

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