Webinar: The role gold will play in a post-COVID-19 portfolio

The UK market has traditionally remained underweight in investing in gold as an asset class. The unprecedented priming of the monetary pumps by global central banks during the COVID-19 crisis is aimed at stimulating reflationary pressures to kick start economies which are now technically in recession, or worse.

Such forces tend to have an impact on the price of gold. In light of this dynamic Buchanan is hosting a webinar with some of the leading commentators from the UK capital markets to discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing in gold through gold mining equities, ETFs and other investment instruments ahead of the full impact of these global reflationary stimulus strategies.

Watch the webinar here


Michael Widmer
Commodity Strategist
Bank of America

James Burdass
Gold Specialist/Consultant – Ex Fidelity Mining and Gold Buy-side Analyst

Gervais Williams
Head of Equities
Premier Miton Group PLC

Tom Attenborough
Head of International Primary Markets
London Stock Exchange

Ariadna D. Peretz
Associate Director


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