Petropavlovsk secondary listing on the Moscow Stock Exchange

On Thursday, 25 June 2020, shares started trading on MoEx complementing the Company’s primary listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Buchanan has worked with Petropavlovsk since January 2018, when it was in a position of having a debt:equity ratio of 2:1, uncertainty surrounding its business strategy of building its POX hub, as well as significant instability of the constitution of its management Board. During the last two and a half years the debt/equity ratio has reversed to 1:2, the share price has increased by a factor of over four times, analyst research has doubled to 8 covering analysts, propelling the rating of the business resulting in the market valuation increasing by over four times from £250 million to more than £1 billion (as at 25 June 2020), resulting in Petropavlovsk returning as a constituent of the FTSE250 Index.

In support of the MoEx milestone, Buchanan implemented a targeted media campaign including an exclusive interview with Bloomberg while working closely with Petropavlovsk’s IR team in Moscow, ensuring clear messaging that aligned in both markets.

The Russian-focused gold mining company expects to benefit from gaining access to an enlarged pool of institutional and Russia-based retail investors given elevated interest in gold. The secondary listing reflects the Company’s ambitions to become one of the leading gold producers in Russia.

2020 has marked a strong year so far for Petropavlovsk with the share price rising by 152.4% YTD, building on its position as the best performing gold stock listed in London in 2019.







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