The Good Pitch: Dos & Don’ts with Mining Media

On Thursday 24 February (3pm GMT) join Buchanan and Women in Mining UK online for “The Good Pitch: Dos & Don’ts with Mining Media.”

We’ll discuss the dos & don’ts when pitching to mining media, including what is the best way to approach the media when you have a positive story or when there’s been some negative developments. Our panellists will share what works best with them as well as what not to do. This will be both fun and informative for anyone in communications.

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Neil Hume
Natural Resources Editor
Financial Times

Kirsty Hickey
Business Producer
Ian King Live on Sky News

Carly Leonida
Owner and Author
The Intelligent Miner and
European Editor at Mining Media International


Ariadna D. Peretz
Buchanan and Head of Communications at Women in Mining UK

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