UK Power Networks

An immaculately produced, slip-cased coffee table book for employees that celebrates the company’s first decade in business. The book is chaptered by year, with the focal areas of each year highlighted on a page tab. Using client-generated content, we created a format that put imagery front and centre. Testimonials, quotes and statistics were incorporated to support each of the featured stories. Over 6000 books were produced, cased in one of three different coloured slipcases, and dispatched to all of their employees across the south east.

UK Power Networks

October, 2020

Print, Book Design

“The idea of a commemorative book was a relatively late addition to our
10th anniversary plans. Buchanan really stepped up – fully receptive to our
brief and accommodating to our unrealistic timescales! Producing such a
quality memento was a real achievement and most importantly well
received by our 6,200 employees”


Alex Sturge, Head of Communications, Engagement & Development