Governance & Sustainability

There’s a growing tide of shareholder activism, targeting perceived excessive remuneration and those who are deemed not to be looking after the long-term sustainable value growth of shareholder value.

And with this, comes the need for experienced financial communications support. The scenarios may include: shareholder activism against a current board or management team; concerns over executive remuneration; contentious resolutions that are red flagged by proxy voting firms.

Our experts get up to speed on contentious issues and devise appropriate, multi-channel communications strategies to support the education of key audiences.

There is also an opportunity to get on the front foot when communicating sustainability messaging to those who matter most to your business.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a way for corporations to have a positive impact on their employees, stakeholders and communities. And for those who are true change-makers, it can help build reputation if communicated in the right way.

We offer a unique understanding of financial and corporate communications within the context of sustainability and CSR issues. We provide our clients with integrated corporate and digital campaigns, media engagement and strategic communications advice to target a broad array of stakeholders, including: employees, investors, partners, media, suppliers and governments.