Professional & Support Services

Professional firms face unprecedented challenges: industry consolidation and technology-enabled agile disruptors are creating intense competition, against a backdrop of increasing client demands and diminishing client loyalty. To address this, brand differentiation and reputational protection are more important, yet more difficult, than ever.

While for support services, a period of political, economic, social and environmental change has created an uncertain landscape. Communications that build stakeholder and investor confidence and trust are therefore essential.

How Buchanan can help The Buchanan team has worked effectively with some of the most famous professional services companies in the world, including law firms, and for some of the fastest-growing new players. We are in daily contact with the influencers in this space. And we have delivered award-winning communications campaigns, that protect reputations, build awareness and drive business development. We also work closely with a broad range of business support services firms. We specialise in targeting potential and existing investors, employees and clients, while ensuring that the broader social, regulatory and NGO agenda is also addressed.